Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Sunshine

You'd think that after a couple of days, the beach fun would just run out... NO WAY! Today Nicole got to partake in a boat ride with her cousins. Daddy was close at hand of course, and they were out where there were no waves. She loved it. I'm not sure if it's the boat she loved, or being a big girl with the other kids.
Then Uncle Kevin broke out Granddad's metal detector and took his kids out to look for gold doubloons. They did find an aluminum can... doing their part to save the environment. :^)
Tonight we headed out to Stinky Fish Camp in Grayton Beach - yum! Then our yearly stop in Seaside for ice cream!

Let's just say, two little girls were excited! And hot! At one point Megan said to me, "it's time for a refreshing bite of ice cream, I think." That's right!
Grandma got lots of love!
I know it's fun for my parents to be able to spend some fun time with their grandkids. And the grandkids love it too!
At Seaside they have a huge grassy area where they show movies on the lawn and have band concerts and such. But when nothing is planned (like tonight) it becomes a huge grassy play area. The kids always love to go there and just run...

The girls didn't so much run as they did roll and flip....

Oh so fun! Officially it's only our half way point. It's been so full so far, I can't wait to keep on having fun.

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Kelly said...

Love seeing the pictures! Looks like a great time!
I noticed that Anna's pink shirt is on backwards - only her mom would notice that, right?!
And I'm glad someone put her hair in a ponytail!!