Thursday, July 14, 2011

Local Hero Night

It's not a secret that I love our local chick-fil-a. I mean how can you not love chick-fil-a anyway... but our local CFA is so family focused. Throughout the summer they have great family nights planned and we tend to take advantage of them whenever we can.

Tonight was "Local Hero" night... all bedecked out with a firetruck and police car. The girls loved checking them out and chatting with the firemen and police officer.

Even the cow wanted a turn in the firetruck! Who can say no to the CFA cow?

Nicole wasn't quite as fond of the cow as Megan was. Megan would run for hug... Nicole would run for mommy. But when she couldn't find the cow, she missed him and wanted to know where he was. Here she is saying, "moo moo?"

Officer Megan reporting for duty!
I just love this... Nicole waving to the cow....

No wait, I didn't really mean for you to come NEAR me....

Needless to say, Mommy will always be Nicole's hero! :^)

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Sandy P said...

I use to love that Chick-fil-a until we started going to the one up by M's dance class. The operator now knows us by name, so it is hard to go anywhere else. It is farther from home, but I look for an excuse to go up there for lunch!