Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Girl Fort

Megan recently learned how to build a fort all by herself. This is one of those vital skills that I've obviously overlooked teaching her. Thankfully her big cousin, Anna, was on the ball and realized she's come of age.... it was time to build a girl fort! So, at the beach, Megan learned this vital skill... and now that we are home, she practices every chance she gets!

And what does a girl fort have on the inside?
And the cherry on top.... princess Megan!
Now all this fort/tent building has Megan in a tizzy to go camping. I see our tent being broken out in the near future.
Megan loves her fort - the only problem.... Nicolzilla!

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Sandy P said...

C and M have been playing in one all week. It is a mess, but it helps them play together. Ellie has yet to figure out how to get inside. But, she sits on the outside and tries to look under the blankets.