Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh Ya, Ya Betcha!

August was a whirlwind in our household.... we loaded up the family and took a road trip out to MN to see the family. The girls were hoping for some adventure - like a snowmobile ride... but this was as close as they got. Megan and Nicole had a great time with Grandma and Papa.

Nicole got to try her hand at Grandma's organ... she loved it! Maybe we'll have a little pianist on our hands.
Nicole was playing and in the background you can see Megan doing a special dance. Every night she put on a little dance recital for everyone, and then modestly accepted her trophy (her lego skills put to the test!).
Uncle Dan brought up a medical kit so that Megan could continue on in her quest to be a Doctor...

She had lots of patients waiting on her expertise...

Megan made sure to love up on Uncle Dan so that he was ready to head back to school.

And even Nicole gave lots of love to her grandparents. This was her first trip to MN so everything was new and exciting.

We had some great days of weather (a nice escape from Atlanta's super hot days) and were able to spend lots of time at the park... one of Megan's all time favorite outings! It's been so hot this summer that she's been in serious park withdrawal! And her little sister is following in her footsteps!!!

Papa got out Tom and Dan's old wagon and the girls got a little spin....
And Megan was even surprised with a little car...

We had lots of fun outside! My girls are definitely outside girls! It was nice to take advantage of some nice Northern MN summer weather... but it's also why I couldn't live there.... I don't think we could handle the stir crazy nature of a winter that lasts half the year. We like being able to go to the park in December and not freezing to death.

OK, MN family - Sorry it's taken me so long to get this posted. It's been a rough week here. I'm hoping it is jsut the transition back home and this will be a better week. HOPEFULLY! I'll have a few more posts with pictures from our trip.

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Tony said...

They are so cute. Hopefully when you come at Christmas time, Uncle Tone will be able to get them on a real snowmobile ride. Farmers almanac is forcasting warmer than average temps and snowier than average. So things are looking good. :o)))