Saturday, September 18, 2010

Life Check-in

So...... how are we doing over here? It's hard to believe it's September.... I'm rapidly approaching my birthday - hitting the big 4 decade mark. That's kinda wierd to think about but life is so full and wonderful, it's nothing but another fun birthday in my mind. I get to start celebrating starting this weekend... more posts on that to come!

But life continues to move forward and the girls are getting so big. I've had a few folks near and far ask how things were going on a couple of "kid" issues - so for my own record keeping here are some updates...

School: Megan loves school. I think she wishes she could go everyday - but I'm not ready for that! Nicole loves going to pick megan up at school in the afternoons. When that van door opens for her to get in, Nicole is all smiles and chatters. Her teacher loves it.

Sleeping: Megan is still napping - but she's started to skip a few. It makes for a grumpy evening usually, but she can do it on occassion. Nicole... oh Nicole...... my not "easy" 2nd child. Let's just say that I get to spend quality time with each child every day.... since Nicole is trying to drop her second nap and just take one... which is not when Megan naps. So - mommy gets NO naptime downtime currently. That's been a little exhausting. I think that Nicole still needs that 2nd nap, but she ends up staying up later in the morning before her first nap and then if she had a 2nd nap it would be at 5:30.... so we just keep her very very occupied till after dinner and put her down early. Both girls are sleeping until about 7:30am now.
Potty talk.... well, we are starting to work on night time dryness. To be honest I'm not really rushing this one. Mostly because Megan is hysterical if she wakes up with wet pj's (or has a random naptime accident). I was a late bed wetter (secret is out) so I'm not pushing her. We are keeping a chart for dry days and she'll go a week being dry in the morning, and then the next week she'll be wet everyday. There's no rhyme or reason. So - we'll keep tracking it and slowly Megan will hopefully move to being all dry all the time. Poop.... I think this will always be an issue.
Food... Nicole is on solids and loves it!
So.... that's just alittle of life here. All is well and we are having a great time learning and growing together!

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