Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More MN

There were so many fun "small" moments during our trip to MN - so many memories tied up in 2 weeks of traveling...

When the past and present run into each other - it always tenderizes the heart. Here's Nicole in the same highchair that her Daddy used when he was a baby. Of course we add a safety component of one of Papa's ties to make sure she didn't slip out. It's also funny to see how safety standards have changed.

Note that Nicole is eating "real" food.... she doesn't like baby and LOVES solid food - so bring on the diced veggies and fruit. She's a good eater when it's not mush.
And Grandma had to take us to Dairy Queen!

Even Nicole got in on that fun!

Megan really took advantage of her one on one Uncle time and got many many many books read (or listened to.... right before we left I taught her how to listen to books on tape - you remember the kind, turn the page when you hear the beep...). One of our last days on the North Shore we got to go visit one of Tom's old high school friend, Scoobie, and while we were there - we got to pick apples from one of his amazing apple trees. Megan loved that!
But she loved eating it even more!
And of course, you have to visit the train musuem while you are there (it's the same train station that you see in the movie Iron Will).

And the train depot shop also has our favorite furry friend... Mr. Moose!

And when on the North Shore of Lake Superior - you have to actually visit the lake!
And try to skip some stones....

It was a bit windy that day - Nicole had her tongue out "tasting the wind" the whole time we were outside.

And we had to go back to the park whenever possible!!!! It even got chilly enough that we needed jackets!
Can you not just eat her up!

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