Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Twin Cities

After our time on the North Shore with Tom's parents and brother, we headed to the cities to see Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn. Megan and Nicole loved being with them - and having a few extra playmates around - those of the furry variety.
Everytime Nicole saw Jake (the dog) or one of the cats (BeBe, Bear and Buddy) she would just sit and frantically wave her arms. It was the funniest site - I really thought she might find a way to start hovering.
Megan took up golf while we were there...
Nicole thought it was such a cool game - with a little ball to chase around and a big stick to chew on -that she wanted in on the action.
And when she wasn't golfing... she was out cruising!

Megan kept herself occuplied with her new best friends

And Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn kept her occupied with a good story changing book...

And Nicole... well she was watching those furry little friends getting ready for her crawling debut.

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