Monday, September 20, 2010

THE Vest

Yesterday was THE day...
THE day when Megan got THE vest!
THE vest that we've been anticipating all week....


First they sang and went over their verses (see Megan on the front row - all into the action). Then the time came - the prized Cubbie vest!
And how could I forget the Cubbie bag!?! With our Cubbie book in it!!!!
Megan was so excited that she asked if we could read it for her bedtime story.
Oh my sweet little bear cub! (actually she's my sweet little luvy lamb)

And what is a successful night of Cubbies without the "I got my vest" victory dance?
Awana is a new thing for me, but I have to admit - it's fun.

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Uncle Dan said...

Congratulations on getting your AWANA Cubbie Vest, Megan! Uncle Dan is very proud and excited for you!