Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We have Movement!

This morning, I dropped Megan off at school - she did great and hopped out of the car and walked on in. You could tell she was a little confused but never skipped a beat. My heart skipped several as I watched my baby walk away....

Then Nicole and I came home to have some one on one time - which was so sweet!

And she crawled for me!!!!!

Sorry the video isn't so great - but at least the moment is captured. This little dumpling has taken her time figuring out how to get moving. But she's got her knee foot schooch down now.


Alexis said...

That's how Grant crawled..on one knee and used his other leg to push off! Adorable!

Dawn said...

Way to go, Nicole!!! What a sweet video! Am I'm so proud of Miss Megan for being such a big girl at preschool. Those little pumpkins are something else, and we're missing them horribly already!!!

Love you guys!