Monday, August 2, 2010

Chillin with the Family

Peek A Boo! After a loooonnnnnnnggggggggg season of mommitis - Nicole finally warmed up to other folks hanging out with her. I was super thankful for a few moments of alone time. Her is my little pumpkin with her Uncle Kevin.
The cousins - waiting for the adults to get beach ready...

How we spent our non-beach time....
lots of games!
Grandma, Megan, and Anna played lots of blokus (3 and 6 year old style). Daniel and Justin played the card game of Monopoly.
Nicole was pretty happy wherever she was - because it was usually getting lots of attention.

Grandma was loving time with her little grand daughters.

Megan ate up any attention she got from her cousins. Every dinner was a fest of who got to sit next to who. This night - Justin won! Or maybe it was Megan who won.

Nicole - getting friendly with the locals...

Memories that make a mommies heart smile! (Megan and Anna)

I love our beach trip and I think I have over 600 photos.... so expect lots more!

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