Thursday, August 12, 2010

My First Bun

TA-DA!!! I had a mommy first today..... I made a bun!
And it's not to bad, if I do say so myself!

Today, Megan started her new ballet/tap class. She has been beside herself excited about it. This is a lot different that her previous creative movement type classes.... for this one, she has to wear her "dance uniform" as I call it. And.... she gets to be in a recital in the spring. Although, I think Megan thinks it's next week. That's all she can talk about - since seeing her cousin Anna in her dance recital, she keeps asking when will it be her turn to dance on stage.

Her classes are at a church about 15 minutes down the road. They have an incredible dance ministry and it's so inexpensive (compared to most). The class happens to fall right at both girls nap time - but it was the only time that didn't conflict with Megan's school or my MOPS meetings. But today it didn't seem to be an issue. We made it a whole family affair....

Tom had to work late tonight so he had a little break in the middle of the day and was so excited he got to go to Megan's first dance class. Even Nicole seemed to enjoy the outing.

Megan was so cute doing all her moves.

Nicole practiced her moves too!
Here is Megan's sashay across the floor...
And then half way through it, they have a little Bible Story and change into their tap shoes.
If you ask her - that's her favorite part... the tap dancing. I wish I had pictures of me in my tap shoes when I was kid.

So fun! I'm so glad we found this program - and although I'll miss her teachers at our local park and rec - I'm sure I'll be back there with Nicole before you know it.
It's just so wild to realize that Megan is suddenly at that age where she can "do" stuff.... Ballet classes start, AWANA, and our church is going to offer Children's Choir to 3 year olds this year... thanks to some parent volunteers.... :^)
Fun times ahead!


Dawn said...

Oh, my gosh! Miss Megan is absolutely ADORABLE in her "dance uniform"!!! And so sweet practicing all her moves. It looked like Miss Nicole was trying to "practice" for her own dance recital! Can't wait to see them dance in person in less that two weeks! Love you guys!

Sandy P said...

We will probably be there next year. We wanted to do a class that was over before Carson got home. Next year I guess he will just have to watch her.