Sunday, August 8, 2010

Perhaps I spoke too soon

Well, when I said I had finished up with the beach posts - perhaps next time I'll actually check my camera to make sure I'd uploaded all the photo's. Oops - only another 200 on there.
So I picked out a few of my favorites to share!

One morning Uncle Kevin was reading his book... so Megan joined him.
And one sad day, Grandma wasn't feeling too great.... so Megan climbed up on the couch for a snuggle. Because, we all know that snuggles just make you feel better.
And what do the grownups do once the kiddos are in bed?
Mexican Train Dominos!!!!! (the night before it was Yatzee).And I just love this sand castle crew....On Friday - our last day there - Megan had just gone down for a nap when the music started. Yep - the ice cream truck! All the other kids were grabbing their wallets for ice cream and Megan popped out of her room to let us know that the ice cream truck was there.... Well, it was the last day.... and surely a little ice cream wouldn't totally ruin her nap (and it didn't). And seriously, can you pass up a Dora popsicle????
Never mind that we had already planned on going to Seaside for ice cream that night.
Like Mommy like Daughter!Me and my girls!!!!Now, I have fully uploaded our trip!
And sadly, once again, we say farewell to the beach....
Just think - next year this little girl will be walking on it!

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