Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No So Much

This sweet little thing.....
was not so fond of the beach!
She did not like the sand!
She did not like the water!
She did not like the sound of the surf!
She did, however, like being in the safe and secure arms of those who love her!
Like Grandma...

And Daddy....

And of course, Mommy!
She would even tolerate sitting alone (if we were brave enough to think she wouldn't just try to do a sommersalt out of the chair), as long as she wasn't touching the sand.

By the end of the week, if you held her, she'd "tolerate" being close to or in the water.

But pretty much, she was ok with it for about as long as it took to snap these photos and not a minute more.

Do you see it starting....
Her little concerned look.
I can just imagine her little voice saying, "oh no mommy, come back here! One of those waves is heading this way!!!!!!!!!"

Perhaps next summer, she'll have a little more affection for the beach!

1 comment:

Mitzi said...

Cole HATED the sand and water when he was this age. When we went back a year and a half later, he LOVED it. I hope next year is better.