Sunday, August 1, 2010

Boogie Board

This beach trip was a milestone for Megan!
Grandma and Granddad always give the grand kids a little bit of vacation spending money. So one day we all head to a tacky little (or enormous as the case may be) and they get to choose a souvenir. This year, Megan got to choose what to spend her money on. And she wanted a boogie board - since all her cousins have one, it was a good beach fit!

After a some playtime in the shallow water - Daddy took her out to the real surf.

Megan will be the first to tell you, those boards are a little slippery.
But, she quickly got the hang of it. The waves were a bit tricky, but when it was calm, she enjoyed her new "kickboard".

And it was a nice resting spot so she could hang with her big cousins.

I'll be catching up with LOTS of beach posts this week!

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