Monday, July 19, 2010

Shots from the Weekend

It was a bit of an exhausting weekend in our household. During all the big storms we realized Megan is scared of thunder.... wouldn't that have been nice to know before the storms hit from 8-11pm. Ugh. So to say we were all tired, is an understatement. Then little Ms. Nicole decided it wasn't right for her big sister to get all the attention - so she decided to start waking up in the middle of the night.

After a trip to the Dr. today, we are thankful (sort of) that it's not her ears - they look great! It is however a flare up of her reflux. That also may explain why she's not eating very well. So we have some ideas from the pediatrian, and from my friend Amy (thanks) and we'll see if we can get this little one to eat a bit more. Nicole is trying to pull up on furniture - but so far they are still attempts. She has gotton her first face bruise from one of her attempts.
Nicole is definitely teething again. That's probably one of the reasons for her reflux flare-up. I'm not seeing anything starting to poke through yet though.... But if she grabs your finger - just say NO! The 4 teeth she does have are very sharp.And if she can get her hands on it - she's going to chew on it.Megan spent some time working on her princess wave!Note the high heels.... That's her new love in the world of dress up. It's cute to hear her "clicking" though the house.
But Megan didn't want to be the only princess in the house- all things are better with a little sister to join in on the fun!
Daddy's little princesses....At some point this weekend, Megan decided she wanted to have a spend the night party with her baby doll and Snowball (her not so white polar bear).... yeah, she was tired!And the weekend ended with Megan trying on her new ballet slippers. She was making sure she was prepared to dance her little legs off at Dance Camp this week! The first day was a huge success - she loved it. It's made me so excited for her to take dance classes (tap and ballet) this fall.
Don't you know, there will be dance camp pictures to come!

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