Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday

How can it be that this little girl is already 8 months old? Has time really pased that quickly? She's growing into a little girl so quickly. I did a few "mommy measurements" this morning to see how much she's grown...

By our little scale, Nicole weighed in at 22.5 lbs. And my little tape measure had her at about 30 inches (that could be off do to some seriously wiggling of my test subject).

Ok, Nicole here are some things about you.... You love books - especially books with baby pictures in them. You are very vocal and chatter to toys, strangers, books, walls... you are your daddy's little girl! You also love your big sister - it is so sweet to see how excited you get when she walks in the room. I pray you'll both adore each other your whole life, like you do now.
You love being outside, especially in swings (just like your big sister). Whenever you are a little fussy, we just go outside and it totally resets your "happy button". Whenever music comes on, you start your little baby dance - feet a kickin! If you are in someone lap, hopefully they are holding on or you'd just hop out of their laps. You love trying to pull yourself up and are good at pivoting yourself around when you sit. You reach and get on your knees, but that is not a stance you like much. You've started using a few sign language motions - "more" and sometimes you'll show "all done"
You seem to be allergic to milk and we've yet to find a formula that you'll take and keep down. Either you say NO WAY, or it makes you sick. So, for now we are just dealing with that the old fashioned way. And you seem to like it that way because you aren't into baby food very much. You love eating puffs... but beyond that, it's a chore to get "food" into you. You'll eat most fruits that are mixed with grains, but veggies are tough! You just discovered that you do like watermelon in the little feeder bag. But if I give you a little piece you pretty much choke on it. Your reflux seems to be getting better and that's a huge relief.
You already have 4 teeth (the 4th is in) and seem to have 4 more right under the surface. You head to bed around 8pm and you wake up around 6am but will talk to yourself and play in your crib until about 7am. You love taking baths and love the water. "Mama" and "uh oh" are your favorite words. Everyday you seem to learn something new or make some fun new discovery.
You are such a sweet baby - a little challenging at times because you love your mommy soooo much! But, make no mistake sweetheart - I love you more than words could say. It's all worth it to have you in our lives!
And like your sister --- you love baby dolls. Especially if they'll share their bottles with you!
Here's a reminder of big sister Megan when she was 8 months old...

Update: Tonight Tom got his first "Da Da". What a sweet treat!

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