Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 Goals: Update

Well, here we are... officially 1/2 way through 2010. That is so hard to believe. We are half way through this year. Honestly, I can't believe it and don't really know where the time has gone.

As we hit that mid-year point I'm thinking back on the things that I wanted to accomplish this year to see how I'm doing. Sort of remind myself on my initial goals, refocus, readjust, and gird up for the remainder of the year!

1. Intentional about spiritual upbringing of the girls... I've realized how much of this is "on the go". Not that it lacks intentionality - but that those teachable moments just sneak up on you. Just this week Megan asked me why girls wear makeup and that she wanted to wear her lip gloss because that makes her beautiful.... and the Lord gave me an impromptu moment to tell her that the Lord looks at the beauty of our hearts and that His light in us is what makes us attractive. Not a sit down lesson or a family devotional - but for days she's been saying that she's pretty and shiny because of Jesus. Makes my heart smile! We are starting some scripture memory and I'm excited about it. Maybe I can get some pictures of some of our fun activities soon.

2. Intentional in Marriage - I'd pretty much give myself a NI (needs improvement) on this one. Date nights are scarce... but in grace I also know that this is a season. I have a very needy little baby who is having very severe separation anxiety. And little miss Nicole hasn't met a formula she likes... so we are a bit attached (for 4 more months). Thank goodness I have a wonderful and adoring husband who understands how exhausting it is to never get a break, because even a short trip out of the house generally involves walking out on a hysterically screaming baby who thinks Mommy is abandoning her.

3. Cooking (goal: 4-5 nights a week). Well this one is so so.... I've really been able to step out and try some new things. I love my crock pot!!!! That's been a lifesaver with a clingy baby. Another great thing is a little supper swap that my neighbor and I have going. One night a week she doubles her family meal and brings us dinner, and another night I double ours and walk over a meal for them. It's been fabulous because 1 night a week we get a home cooked meal and someone else made it! And Mandy is a great cook!!!!! This summer we've been at the pool more so dinner has been more on the run - but I feel good about continuing on in this goal.

4. Frugal Living.... uummm... I have stacks of coupons, and if I could get my girls on the same nap schedule maybe I could get my act together. So NI for now on the couponing front. But I'm working on it. I've been focusing my shopping on generally getting good deals for healthy foods.

5. Simplify. Oh my goodness - I think this is a lifelong battle. As we start baby proofing again we are ditching stuff big time. And as Nicole starts to outgrow baby stuff - it's heading out of the house! But seriously, can this battle against clutter be won?

6. Schedule - and intentional schedule for Megan. Well, let's just say that this summer I'm keeping her very busy! And that's a good thing! We are doing some "mommy school" and that's always a great time together. When Nicole goes down for her first nap, Megan and I get our special time together - sometimes we cook, paint, color, cut, do fun learning activities, have a tea party, whatever... It's so great to have at least a little time alone with her. BUT, somewhere in that 45 minutes-1 1/2 hour "nicole nap", Megan has also learned what 10 minutes of quiet time means. Mommy has her time to read the Bible and Megan has time to play alone. Hopefully we'll work up to a longer time - but I also want that time to be her time with mommy since the remainder of the day is filled with a lot of Nicole's needs.

7. Stay in touch with my crafty side... I've started a list of things I want to do. So far, it's just a list. But it's a start. And I do have material sitting on the table for a dress that needs to be made by Friday! Think Cow Appreciation!!!!

8. Cleaning... Ok, today is not a good day to write about this one. :^) I'm learning how to accomplish small tasks throughout the day to keep the work down. With 2 girls I feel like I can clean and 30 minutes later a room looks like I didn't accomplish anything. I'm trying to find a way to incorporate chores into Megan's little world -but be honest, with a 3 year old it's a teaching opportunity, and not really help.

9. Get fit... well, haven't figured out how to work out yet... it's that domino nap thing (nicole up, megan down, nicole down, megan up, etc...) It's been so hot this summer that going on walks and such has been difficult. The pool is a big workout - but it's not a real workout as I'm mostly helping Megan with her swimming skills and holding a baby. But I did need to do something for me and am working to lose this double baby weight and "happily married" weight. So far I've lost about 20 lbs - woohoo! (so if you see me, tell me I look fabulous - even if you can't tell I've lost anything) I Still have a lot to go, but just getting started was the biggest hurdle. This fall, I'm really hoping to have a workout schedule in place.

10. Spiritual Walk... God is teaching me a lot during this season of life. To cherish every moment, even when they are exhausting; to look for God in everything; to abide in His Word because you never know when you are going to need a nugget of truth to give to your 3 year old; and even 10 minutes of "quiet time" while you are being climbed on, slobbered on, sung to, etc... can be as rich as 30 minutes of in-depth study of the Word. I have a group of friends from my MOPS group who are participating in a quiet time challenge: Good Morning Girls. I love it! My group has 6 girls in it and each day, one of starts our GMG email... we basically check in and tell what we've learned that day in our quiet time, then we reply to everyone and by the end of the day we've all shared and had some accountability. I think I love it because it is accountability for me but I also love hearing what the other ladies are studying. It's prompted me to study up on some of what they are reading. It's only a 90 day challenge and when it ends, I totally want to do it again - with my current group (if they choose to sign up again) or with others (let me know if you are interested). I also was able to join in on a Beth Moore book study group for a couple of months. I loved being in fellowship with other women. I'm praying about being a part this fall for our Revelation study (Beth Moore). The biggest challenge is not having a weekly corporate worship time. When I say that Nicole is going through separation anxiety - it's not just a little case of crying - it's hysterics. This past Sunday was the first Sunday I wasn't paged to the nursery to help calm her down. I volunteer in the nursery every other month anyway - but I can't honestly tell you the last time I actually sat through a whole (or even half) Sunday morning church service.... It's possible that it's been 8 months.

So - there we are... 10 goals at their half way mark. I have a feeling that next year, I'll have some of these same goals. It's been a good reminder to look back and reevaluate my goals and my thinking. I hope to make some progress in my goals - but I also have had some heart to hearts with God and feel a sense of "release" in so many way. I'm reminded that a year is merely a footstep in my journey. So - here's to the remaining 1/2 of 2010! May it be full of God's abundant grace, glory, and hope!


Sandy P said...

I agree that this time in life it is just hard to get much done! It makes me feel guilty or lazy when I take 30 minutes to check email or blogs. But, I try to remind myself that very little time in my day is spent sitting-unless someone is on top of me.
Summer is always a rough time. I kind of think we should have school year goals. Things are so much more regular during the school year.
Love the Jesus looking at your heart teaching moment. Maice is always worried about being pretty (or a baby). I will have to try it with her.

hmferrero said...

Thanks for updating us on your goals! It's good to stop and think about those things once in a while, so I appreciate the reminder.

Sorry about the attachment thing. I think we got very lucky on that.

If you start Megan in AWANA in the fall, they do the scripture memorizing in that 3-4 year old class. I just bought the cds that have the verses set to songs that they listen to in class. I think it will help us to remember them. Some of the songs crack me up - they're only as long as the verse and one of them is the short part of Romans 3:23 All have sinned. That's the whole song and it's very somber and they sing it 3-4 times. But most are peppy songs. :)

Alexis said...

Forgot to post when I first read your blog. I going to continue doing GMG if you want to continue...unless you have a group to want to start! :) Hopefully, the girls will continue too!