Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hero Day

Have I mentioned how much I love our local Chick-fil-a?!?! Today was "Hero Day!" So this evening the invited some of our wonderful paramedics, fire fighters, and police to come on by to show off their awesome hearts and vehicles.I was pretty worried it was going to be a rain out - we drove over in a severe thundershower, but thankfully we got there just as a the rain cloud passed on by. So no one was there so we got some extra special one on one attention.
I am hoping this is the ONLY view that my sweet girls will get of the back seat of a cruiser.

And the back of an ambulance.
Megan has had enough friends who've had to go to the hospital recently that she was nervous they would take off while she was in the back of the vehicle. But in the drivers seat - she was in her element.
Thank you to Chick-fil-a and to our local hero's!

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