Friday, July 9, 2010

Cow Appreciation Day

All the mommy naptime creations were put to good use today.... FREE FOOD!
Tom thought I'd lost my mind when I told him he had to wear spots on his shirt, an Eat Mor Chikin sign, and some cow ears. But then he slowly came to the realization that we were the cheapest dates he'd ever had! 4 for the price of 0!

Nicole did feel a bit cheated as we devoured her kids meal. Especially when we ate her ice cream (complete with sprinkles).
Megan thought the whole deal was SWEET!

We Cow Girls had so much fun!!!!!!
So much fun that we went out for "chikin" twice today.... hey, we love Chik-fil-a so much that a free lunch and free dinner wasn't torture or anything. Especially when it's free!
Thanks Chick-fil-a cows! We appreciate you!

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