Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

Nicole.... wow, reflux stinks! I'm praying for a good night tonight - we could use one.
Megan... wow, defiance stinks! I'm praying for a good day tomorrow - we could use one!


Dawn said...

Love the picture...and so sorry it's been rough at the GA Blaisdell house lately! Hope it all settles down soon.

Love and miss you!

Sandy P said...

How do little girls get the idea that they are in charge? I am hoping they don't teach their little sisters.

hmferrero said...

Have you seen the GI doctor yet, or just your pediatrician? It takes a long time to get into a pediatric GI dr (at least it did for us). Which medicine is she on now? It took us until the last one for it to work on him. Plus he had to take Maalox 20 minutes before every meal because he would be in so much pain.

Valerie said...

Holly so far it's just the pediatrician. She's on 2 med's - previcid (twice a day - 30 minutes before she eats), and Zantac mid-day and mid-night (if she wakes up). The hardest thing is the spacing so that they don't counteract each other. We are going to wean her off the Zantac in the next week and rely on Mylanta (once her esophagus has time to heal). It's just crazy.