Sunday, April 25, 2010


Nicole has determined that it is high time for some "real" food.... Our first try with rice cereal went pretty well. She seemed to take it really well and actually got most of it down.
And of course, Megan found her job. She crowned herself as a one-man clean up crew!
This week Nicole suddenly decided that she was starving. So much so that she went from eating every 3-4 hours to wanting to eat every 2 hours. Oh yeah, and with her milk allergy - that means no formula. She won't take the hypoallergenic formula (which we were warned is evidently super gross and once their taste buds perk up most babies struggle to take unless they started on it at a very young age - under 2 months). So.... we are off to solid foods so that hopefully some of the stress will be off mom to provide milk every 2 hours (ugh). With the introduction of cereal, she's sleeping better at night again.
Unfortunately I'm not positive the extreme grumpiness is only because she's hungry.... all I know is something is wrong. So I have a feeling we'll be back at the doc's office tomorrow for an ear check. Hey - it's been a week.... :^/

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Sandy P said...

Once again, I think that babies should come with a "Check Engine" light. If we had a little diagnostic code it would make like easier.