Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hippity Hoppety, scratchy scratchy.

Today our neighborhood had it's Easter Eggstravaganza! WooHoo. Even the Easter Bunny made an appearance. Megan followed him around just waiting for a chance to sit in his lap. I'm amazed that she has no fear of "characters". I have to say the actual egg hunt was a bit of a bust. The big kids pretty much overtook it and the little kids (like Megan) got nothing. But she was a trooper and didn't get upset. She has mentioned it a few times and I told her "we have lots of eggs at our house and we'll have a big hunt tomorrow" and she responded with, "And those kids can't come get my eggs there. I already shared with them." Thankfully they had some other "high interest activities" for Megan - like cookie decorating....

And a bouncy house (which she loved after the big kids got out).
I just had to include this cute picture of Megan trying to keep Nicole happy on our walk home. She loves the freedom she has in our sit-and-stand. She says it's her special job to watch over Nicole. I love that sweet spirit!

And later tonight, Aunt Natlie helped Megan dye her Easter Eggs. We planned on doing that earlier this week and life happened. But Megan had a great time sharing this Easter tradition with Natalie.

While they were doing that.. I was trying to take care of a fussy Nicole. Unfortunately we think Nicole has had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she's on for her ear infection. She's got a rash from head to toe (literally). Poor thing has been either super happy or super grumpy and uncomfortable all day. The Doc on call was not very helpful and totally blew me off on the phone. After a good cry and getting the opinion from my 2 nurse friends, I'm following my mommy intuition and taking her off the antibiotic. Even the nurse on the nurse line (the liason to get to the on-call ped) thought it was a reaction and gave me all the instructions for giving her Bendryl. So come Monday I'll call my regular Dr. and try to get Nicole seen to see if we need a different antibiotic for the ear infection. Until then, we are off the antibiotic and on bendryl. I know stopping the antibiotic won't hurt her... but continuing it IF it is a reaction, will. So I choose to err on the side of caution and protect my baby. So Hooey on you on-call pediatrician (why did it have to be the one person in the practice that I don't ever see or really like?)!!

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hmferrero said...

I would have taken them off it too. Not worth the risk. Erika had splotches on her one time from it, but we didn't notice until it was almost done and they were only on the skin above her knees. Justin just finished taking that one for an ear infection, and while it didn't do anything like that, I think he still has the ear infection. :( I'm sure your dr will call something else in for her tomorrow. Glad she's able to take the Benadryl even though she's so little.