Monday, April 26, 2010


It seems like a love of swinging runs in the family. These two sisters both are happiest when they are just swinging away. Megan can barely stand to let Nicole swing with a little push. But she's still learning that you have to be gentle with your little sister in the swing.
Can't you just hear that baby squeal.... like she's saying, "push me higher Megan!"..... at least that's what Megan thinks she saying.But of course, Megan needs a turn too!!!!!!Megan loves the "big girl swings" but she'd pick the toddler swings any day. She knows that in those swings she can go really really high. In the big swings, mommy is chicken and won't let her swing that high - for fear that she's going to forget to hang on and fly off.
And Daddy isn't only a good swing pusher... he's a great shoulder ride too!

And as for an update on little Nicole..... we did indeed end up at the Dr's office today. No idea what's going on. Her ears are clear. The best guess is that it's more reflux issues. We changed her medication tonight. BUT it's 10:50 and as I typed this she woke up and she's currently crying... again.... so I'm wondering how long it takes for this to kick in. This will be my 3rd time putting her to bed tonight. Oh dear.

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