Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh Dear

When it rains, it pours...
I am worried that little Nicole's ears are not clearing up. We are 1/2 way though our new antibiotic and unfortunately she's still waking up every night, multiple times. Ugh.
And just as that is going on... Megan woke up from her nap today with a fever. Oh dear - here we go again. I'm actually wondering if she has hand, foot mouth that her baby sister may have shared with her..... I guess we'll know tomorrow.

On the other hand - here are some photos from happier and healthier times this week (hopefully Megan didn't infect any of her friends)... We met up with some friends at the park one evening and of course parks + friends = fun (x5)
Swinging with Charlie...

And when you get tired of swinging, you can help push!
Nicole found a great shady spot to chill out and just look cute. Charlie was checking up on Nicole - making sure she stayed out of trouble.

Kelly thought a game of peek-a-boo might be more to Nicole's liking.

After playing hard, you have to take a water break...

Here are all the playmates....Nicole, Charlie, James, Kelly & Megan

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sandy said...

Not fun! I though hand foot and mouth was suppose to be a one time thing. Maybe Nicole just got use to waking up and is having a hard time getting back into the routine. I always thought my kids could develop bad habits in a matter of minutes, but it would take weeks to break them. I think I am still working on some of Macie's!
(Sorry I am signed in for the swim team!)