Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Two Sides of the Coin

I tell you - there is nothing like a toddler.
Truly a double sided coin - hot one minute, cold the next.... sweet as pie, and then seemingly possessed.... Just makes me shake my head, pray for guidance, and want to take my own personal time out!

Here's an example of the "heads" side.... My sweet baby girl loves the song "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem". How she knows all the words and can sing it is really amazing to me. All that from a book where she liked the pictures of Baby Jesus and his Mommy Mary, and Daddy Joseph (which comes out sounding like Joecephus). Megan loves getting on the top bunk of her bed (which she can only do with us in the room - the ladder is hidden) and last week she was up there with her blanket over her head pretending she was Mary. She had one of her stuffed animals up there and that was Baby Jesus. It was so tender and touching. She keeps talking about how she wants to be Mary on the "big stage" next year (that's from watching the children's service this past Christmas Eve). I just delight in seeing her talk about how Jesus is in her heart and she wants to let her light shine "from the song "this little light of mine"). Sooooo sweet (HEADS!)
Then the coin flips to TAILS..... Oh my goodness. What is the definition of Disobedience? Here's a good picture of it....
Me: Megan come here please?
Megan gets up off the floor, comes toward me.... stops - looks at me... then turns and runs away.

What's a mom to do?
I tell you what, if anyone out there truly doubts that we are born sinful.... you obviously haven't spent much time with a toddler.


Sandy P said...

At least she got up and came the first time. Macie just would not bother! Not to mention, Macie is the type to put her foot across the line you just set to see what will happen. It drives me bats. And, it is so much worse if she does not get enough sleep. I just pray all the talk about "You are not in charge, God put mommy and daddy in charge" will sink in.

Mitzi said...

We have a musical "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" book in the classroom that we had out all December. Think that could be it??