Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Transition

I have to say it's a little emotional to put my baby to bed in her big girl bed. She was so cute in there. Compared to her crib it just swallows her up. She just snuggled right in and actually went to bed easier tonight than she has in awhile. Now that may be because she went to bed late, and she was exhausted after playing in the snow (that post is coming next) She wanted Nicole to try out her big girl bed. It was so sweet to see them in there together.
And Megan was excited to get to give Uncle Dan, Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn a tour of her room on Skype. I love Skype! Why did we wait so long to get with it and get hooked up on our video calls. It's been so great and Megan loves being able to see who she's talking to. Now hopefully we'll get Grandma and Papa on there so we can see you when we call.And of course when we were putting Megan to bed, it totally warmed my heart to see her snuggled up with Daddy reading a book. I think that's her new favorite book - Fancy Nancy.

I just went to check on her and she's a big ball in her big bed. So sweet - hopefully she'll sleep really well all night and will sleep in tomorrow morning. And maybe I'll be blessed with Nicole sleeping in as well. :^)

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Mitzi said...

Yeah Megan!!! You are such a big girl!!