Thursday, January 7, 2010


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So, we didn't get a lot of snow - but that didn't stop us from enjoying what we had. Megan loved having an evening romp in the snow. And I was glad she got at least a little taste of the white stuff (and that she got to wear her snow suit again since we didn't get to go to MN this Christmas).
It was a bit chilly so Nicole didn't join us for our outside adventures.
There were some things that Megan really wanted to do in the snow.
Number 1.... make a snow angel! (OK, in Ga snow -it's more like a snow/mud angel).

#2. Build a snowman! She already had this figured out. If we had a lot of snow she'd build a mommy snowman. If we only had a little snowman she'd build a baby snowman. The babies won out!
But she was still adamant that he have stick arms. She gave on the eyes and carrot nose.
#3 - Throw snowballs. Well we had a little trouble with that one - but we still tossed pinched fingers of snow at each other. That's what the first picture is of - Megan throwing snow.
The big surprise was a few hours ago, after Megan was in bed, I went to close some curtains and much to my surprise it was still snowing and our driveway, walkway, street, and most of the yard were all white. WooHoo! I thought it had ended, but evidently a surprise last bit of the system stalled out over the city and dumped a bit of snow. YIPEE. Hopefully we'll get to play in the snow a little bit tomorrow.

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