Friday, January 22, 2010

Her Royal Highnesses

Presenting, Princess Nicole....Presenting, Princess Megan (in a snow white mood)...
And in a Cinderella mood....
I love my little princesses. I'm not sure why today was such a dress-up day, but I sure did have fun in our royal kingdom!
And... I had to try to get a picture of Nicole's curly hair. It's so cute and curly when wet. Tons of little bitty baby curls.
I had to grab my camera after a bath today just so that I have a record of it. Her hair dries straight and very fluffy. Those curls sure do give her a lift, even if they straighten out.
We are off for a fun weekend. Tom and Megan are having a daddy/daughter weekend (complete with another birthday party) while Nicole and I head to a Women's retreat with ladies from church. Hopefully both 1/2's of our family will have a great time together!

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