Friday, March 27, 2009

Ear Update

Well we are home and all is well!

Megan was a little trooper today. It was an early morning to get her ready and to the pediatric surgery center, but she was so sweet and flashing smiles at everyone. She charmed the socks off her nurses. She only got grumpy a few minutes before the procedure when she was asking for water (which she couldn't have - try explaining that one to a toddler). She went under easy - but that was the hardest for mommy. I still tear up just thinking about having to leave her on that table. But within minutes she was done and we were in the recovery area getting lots of hugs. Once she got some juice and cheerios in her, she was a happy smiling camper again. It definitely was a best case scenario. Praise the Lord!

I'll try to put up a real post later.


hmferrero said...

that's awesome news. i'm so glad it went well. thanks for the update!

Whitlamy said...

so glad she did so well.