Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's a 2 year old into?

Megan has been enjoying some of the presents she got for her birthday. I think it is so funny to see her look of intense concentration as she plays. Play for a 2 year old is serious business!

Gotta love Ms. Potato Head! This little set has been a great introduction to the old classic. Megn loves trying to put all the parts in the right holes. Let's just say she's come up with some very creative variations.

The real excitement of the week was getting a sweet birthday package from her Uncle Tony and Auntie Dawn... a Bitty Baby (that's the baby doll from American Girl). She's been carrying her around ever since.
Megan got a little concerned when Bitty Baby got a little dirt on her during the swing dismount. But after some brushing off, she was good to go. She loves her Bitty Baby! My camera battery died so I didn't get too many shots of her with her baby.


Sandy P said...

Be glad she did not get Bitty for Christmas. Macie calls her's Jesus. We had a big talk about Jesus being a boy and her baby wearing dresses, but she insists on calling him/her Jesus.

Dawn said...

We are absolutely THRILLED Miss Megan loves her Bitty Baby so much! Could she be any more adorable?!?!? Give her some big loves from us. We love and miss you all!