Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well this week I've obviously been a slacker since I haven't had gotton a blog update done. Oh well.... welcome to my world.

If you read this tonight or in the early morning, say a little prayer for us. We are headed out in the morning to have tubes put in Megan's ears. I have to say I'm very calm and very nervous all at the same time. I know it's the right thing to do (and I've never heard a parent who's gone through this say they wish they hadn't) and I pray this will keep Megan's ear infection free and get her hearing back to normal (which is expected). I also hope that tomorrow will go very smoothly - no reactions to the meds, no overly grumpy little girl, everyone on time.... I haven't been feeling all that great so I want to be on my game in the morning as well. So for specifics.... we have to be there at 7:30 (no liquids when she wakes up.. ugh!) and the procedure is at 9am. We get to take all her "lovey items" with us so hopefully that will help when she's frustrated that she can't eat or drink. Please say a prayer that all goes well!


Anonymous said...

We're praying, Val! Keep us posted on how it goes, ok? I know I would be super nervous if it were one of mine. Trusting God with you!

Michelle said...

I just said a prayer for you! :) BTW My tot shoe boxes are working wonders for homeschool time for entertaining Noelle. If only I can keep up rotating them on Sunday night so she has 4 new one's next week. :)

hmferrero said...

i'm so tired - i am taking today off to rest. so all day yesterday i thought it was friday and was praying for you then. :) i'll pray today too, so you'll have double prayers from me.