Monday, March 9, 2009

2 Year Old Stats

Ok - so we just got back a bit ago from our check-up. Boy am I ready to come home from a well-child check-up without having to go by the drugstore for some medicine!

First the stats (then the stories)...
Weight - 29 lbs (approx)
Height - 34 1/4 inches
75th percentile for everything.

Now the stories.... I didn't realize we had to do a finger prick to check her iron levels. That wasn't fun. It was low, but still in the normal range. How do you get a toddlers iron levels up? Then we chatted about language and such. Megan has an incredible vocabulary and comprehension. But I'm a little concerned about her articulation. I think my concern stems more from the fact that she's lived with ear infections for 2 fall/winter/springs. Think about that... she's had chronic ear infections for at least 11-12 months of her 24 month life. UGH. At at 2, a stranger should be able to understand 50% of what she says (OK, this is the teacher in my coming out) and although she might wow them with some words (like telling the Dr she had a stethescope and otoscope) but if you didn't know what she was holding, looking at, or trying to tell you about, you might lose a lot of what she's saying in her day to day speech......

I'm not really concerned with her hearing, just that with all the ear infections she's lost some of the sounds she needs to form all her words. I think part of it is just me as a concerned mom, and part of it me as a teacher knowing how many kids I saw that had artic. issues that were never caught as kids (so I'm a bit neurotic on this one, I admit it). As we are talking - she checks her ears and YEP...

So - now we are going back to the ENT (we went last April to have the tube talk and she wasn't a candidate), but now with these concerns, evidently she might be. So we'll see what happens with all that. And even if he says - no to tubes... maybe he'll have insights to if we have a speech consult or wait till 2 1/2.

so - it's only Monday - and it's been a very very busy day.
I'll try to post some more pictures from her family birthday party last night.

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Uncle Dan said...

I will say a prayer for Megan's ears. I pray for her health and safety everyday, but I guess I will have to be more specific.

Uncle Dan