Thursday, November 6, 2008

Snowball Bites Back!

So today, we were in the car and I hear Megan going crazy in the backseat.....
She's not crying, but she's very upset and is trying to tell me why. I still have no idea what she's trying to tell me and then she holds up her hand...
and snowball is attached to it.
From the front seat it looked like snowball was biting her finger.

I realized what had happened, and after a little giggle, I had to pull over to unattach snowball.

Megan has literally loved the stuffing out of him (he's going flat) and loved his mouth off. His mouth has come loose (I've already done emergency surgery once) and she got her finger under the thread and it was twisted and she couldn't get it out.
Poor snowball... who knew being a best friend could be so hard!

Sidenote..... I did get his mouth repaired today so we shouldn't have any more biting episodes (at least not from snowball).

1 comment:

hmferrero said...

heehee. i like that. glad you got him fixed for her!