Thursday, November 20, 2008

Come Play!

We got adventurous today and we went to check out a local play place. It's an indoor playground. It has a couple of inflatables, some foam pits (see above picture), trampolines (toddler safe), ball pits, etc... In addition - they have another more quiet area where the kids can have some pretend play time with toys, a big kitchen area, and a rice table. Megan loved it all and played hard for hours today. She cried when it was time to go. The best part... it's one price and you can come and go and take in your own food. Sooooooo, I think we are heading back over there when Tom gets home from work. Might as well get our full day's worth of playtime! This is just like the foam pit I wrote about in the last post. I don't have tons of pictures from today because I was heavily involved in playing (meaning, I was in the foam pit to fish Megan out).

What she really really loved.... the ball pit.

The fun thing about this - I've already got the makings (pool and balls) to make her one for a Christmas present. Now I know it'll be a hit! Maybe we'll even move our little slide inside for the winter. And that is her making that noise.

The other really fun thing - the trampolines.... I laughed and laughed watching Megan try to bounce.


Whitlamy said...

Ohhh fun, email me where.

Sandy P said...

Carson asks all the time when we can back there. One of these days I will be a good mom and take them back. I did not know it was an all day thing though.

hmferrero said...

where is it???