Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moments from the week

Let me out of here!!!! Come on - we can scale this wall!!!
Oooohhhhh, an ice cream break! Now this is true freedom!

Our new challenge... Megan has finally learned the word "NO!" I know a lot of my friends with kids who are younger have already started down this part of the toddler journey. This weekend it became very apparent that Megan has now caught onto that dangerous 2 letter word - and it's currently her favorite word.
Do you want some water? NO (followed by her drinking a gallon of water)

Do you want to go outside? NO (followed by her running to get her shoes)

Let's just say I'm thinking this might be a challenging week ahead - for both of us.

1 comment:

Uncle Dan said...

Thanks for the movie. I've watched it more than few times!

Wish I had been there to share your ice cream cone with you, Megan!

Uncle Dan