Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Can!

Is it just a can???

Oh no - it's a drum! It's a stool to stand and sit on!
And hey - why not just get in!

Who knew there were so many wonderful uses for an empty Boyscout popcorn tin?!?! Thanks Daniel and Justin for helping to provide some unexpected entertainment for your little cousin. And hey, we enjoyed the popcorn too!

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Sandy P said...

One day I will set things up so I can reply to your comments by email, but until then you get a comment on your comment!

Macie is much happier stealing food from other people than eating what you give her. So, she eats a lot of wierd things like salad. She LOVES strong cheeses like feta and blue cheese. She likes asparagus that is covered with balsamic vinegar! If we actually server he something we never know if she will eat it, but she will snack off our plate.

Macie is doing the Abrakadoodle art class for kids 20 months to 36 months. I think the city of Roswell offers the classes for a very reasonable rate. We do it at the same East Cobb location where we take the Music class. We can spend 2 hours and do both of them!

Macie is actually getting a bity baby for Christmas so I have a feeling we will be way into American Girl!