Thursday, November 13, 2008

A priceless purchase!

We have entered into a new phase....

Abby Cadabby!

If you don't know who Abby Cadabby is.... just watch the intro to Sesame Street and she's the first character you see. How do I know???? My non-tv loving child - knows this. Oh does she ever. From the time she wakes up, through playing, through breakfast, through playing some more... she's asking for "aabbbyyyyyy ddaaabbbyy" over and over and over again.

So at 8:58 we turn the tv on (SS comes on at 9)... it's the same commercials every single day... and Megan knows the order and she knows when it's time for Abby to fly into the scene. And then she starts naming all the characters to Sesame Street. It's so hysterical and fun because she's so excited (Abby, Belmo (elmo) Govo (Grover) Ossss (oscar), (she skips Rosita, Burt and Ernie), ccckkkkksss (cookie monster), Be Brddd (big bird). Are you frightened that I know the characters in the order they appear in the intro? I am! However, her enthusiasm is gone once the show starts if Abby isn't there.

Now, as a teacher - I'm all about limiting TV and really monitoring what kids watch and how much they watch. That's never really been an issue with us because Megan isn't interested by the tv. All those great Baby Einstein and "sing and sign" videos that everyone raves about... yeah - never did much for us. As a mom who would love just a few minutes without a toddler clinging to my leg or screaming because I've left her alone (she's never played well alone for more than 5 minutes ---- she's just like I was as a kid)..... boy would I love it if she's watch something for just 15 minutes or so. I am fortunate that she'll color and paint - but that's still time that I have to really monitor her so she doesn't eat the crayons.

As Abby would say (using my imagination here)...

"allacazoo ,allacazam, , lookout mommy, here I am!"

If Abby is on that screen... she'll sit in her little chair for an hour (if I'd let her).

So in the name of sanity, I went looking for a Seseme Street video that featured Abby.

Well I saw one once but didn't buy it, but don't cha know.. I can't find it again. And then, last week we were at Toys R Us looking for sand for Megan's sandbox and I found this amazing singing Abby doll... the best part - she came with a 15 minute video called, "Abby's First Day on Seseme Street." The doll and the video were less than a video would have been (she was on sale). Oh how life has changed. That was the best money I have ever spent!!!!

Megan asks to watch that video constantly. If we'd let her, she'd watch it over and over and over again. All I have to say is.... finally I can sweep the floor!

Now I know it's important for a child to play alone... I'm all about that and agree 100%..... However, every childs personality is also a factor. And Megan has never been a girl who plays alone. I think she was supposed to be a twin. She's so social and wants to be with other kids. All that said - She does play alone - but it's ususally in the same room. As soon as she realizes I'm doing something "more exciting" like cooking or cleaning, she's done playing and wants to help. And unfortunately helping near a hot stove or a vaccum that terrifies her just isn't a good thing. So here's to 15 minutes of bliss to organize, clean, cook and whatever else without a helper attached to my leg!!!!

And did I mention that Abby is our best tooth-brushing friend! Abby uses her wand to brush her teeth as Megan brushes her teeth (or gets them brushed) - it's made a world of difference in getting her to open her mouth! yipee!

So, are you curious why Abby is so fun... Watch this video of Abby

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hmferrero said...

so abby is to megan as thomas is to jacob. :) from the time we get home from day care he starts saying "it's thomas time??" because he wants to watch.