Friday, November 30, 2007

Playgroups, Crib time, and Daddy

Oh what fun... we had a playgroup today. It's always interesting when you try to plan a playdate with kids under the age of 1. Everyone has a different schedule of when to nap and when to eat. Half way through it, it was time for Megan's nap... but being the good hostess she was she stuck it out for till almost the end. Of course, that was while demanding to be held by mommy.
Nate and Megan
Megan, Nate and Sarah Michelle
Megan, Nate, and Rayna
Sarah Michelle and Andrew
Lately, Megan's naps have left a lot to be desired. All the books say (I'm realizing that textbook babies are few and far between - but hey, research is good) that when all those movement milestones are kicking in, kids wake up a lot and want to move. I believe it. Megan still hasn't mastered rolling over from her back to her stomach. Now it's not that she can't... she just chooses not to. She's done it before - but now it's just not what she wants to do. I'm seeing some strong willed trouble in my future. :^) But, when she wakes up, I'll go in and help her roll over - trying to get her to do it on her own (she's not catching on to that part of the equation). Once she's rolled over to her stomach, she can maneuver to anywhere in that crib. Her latest goal is trying to stand up in the crib. I'm usually watching her from from door, sometimes she knows I'm there (like today) and will try to climb up the high side of the crib (the end). It's like a giant game of peek-a-boo for her.
Once she wakes up she usually realizes that Daddy is home - either from work, or he's been working from home that day. The great thing about Daddy being home is that if he's on his lunch break, she gets Daddy story time.
If he's working (and she's in a good mood) then she'll get to play a little in the office. Lately that means trying to stand up on Daddy's chair. Are you catching the theme of pulling herself up...

It's been a great week. Hard to believe it's the end of November. Megan will be 9 months old in a little over a week - wow! I know December will hold a lot of fun memories!

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