Friday, November 9, 2007

How long has it been...

Ok - so life is so interesting that it's hard to figure out time to keep up on the blog. I am sincerely impressed with my friends who have found a way to do it... perhaps I too will learn in time.

The past month (or 2) have flown by - We had Megan's baby/parent dedication at church, Grandparents were here from MN, Halloween was a blast, and we are loving watching Megan grow up. She's about to get her first tooth (finally) and it's been an adventure waiting for it. She's finally decided that rolling is to her advantage and it wasn't just something we were trying to trick her into doing. But the whole crawling thing... she's just so content to stay where she's at.... as long as that is sitting or standing. She's got that backward scooch starting, and I'm babyproofing like mad, believing that one day she's going to finally realize that she likes being mobile and then I know she'll never stop!

Here's a fun little something. While Grandma and Papa were here, we went to Helen (along with my parents). We had to act like true visitors so that Megan could get the "whole" experience...
Here's Daddy and Megan living it up!

AND.... Learning to love baby food!

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