Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Holidays are Here

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend. I don't think we've ever gotton it up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year seems to be so busy - that we had to do it early or else it wouldn't get done. Megan loves staring at it and if she could crawl, she'd be all over it! She loves looking at the lights and ornaments. Whenever she's fussy, it's the place to take her because she's mesmerized by it. We just have to keep her a good distance away from it, she's got a great lunge and grab.

Speaking of crawling... We are quickly trying to get the house babyproofed in anticipation of the day she finally realizes that she can go forward and not only scooch backwards. Megan loves trying to stand up already so if you put her next to anything she can lean on or grab, you better believe she's going to try to pull up. I was working in one of the guest bedrooms to work on covering the outlets and she was supervising and making sure I didn't miss anything.
Of course, when mommy told her little helper that she had to move and get off the wall and away from the outlet that she thought was a fun new toy (the one mommy was trying to cover up)...
Our other BIG discovery is solid food. As I've said in the past, Megan isn't crazy about the solid food. Unless you are giving her "puffs" (the Gerber puffs). Those she loves.... Almost to a fault. Little Miss Attitude has now realized that if she's in her highchair she gets puffs. The big struggle is getting baby food down her because all she wants are some puffs or a biter biscuit. Which of course have no nutritional value. And she likes exploring table food and loves to practice picking it up (her pincer grasp is getting good) but it goes in the mouth and then out of the mouth with a great show of displeasure. Yesterday we tried with some watermelon pieces (she loves the taste of it, but hates the texture) and some macaroni.

Have you noticed that Megan seems to be without clothes a lot... We are working on the crawling and she seems to be sliding around in her clothes. So in the morning and evening, she gets to go bare (mostly bare) so that she can get some traction.

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Dawn said...

Miss Megan,

Thank goodness you are around to help Mommy and Daddy with stuff! I don't blame you for being upset when you were removed from your supervisory duty, either! But Mommy and Daddy have show (again) just how natural they are at this parenting stuff. The "traction time" idea was pure genius! I've heard from other crawlers that those darn clothes are going to be a major source frustration once you get moving. For some reason they never seem to learn how to crawl with you! Keep up the good work and we'll see you in a few weeks! We're counting the days!!!

Love you...and give our love to Mommy and Daddy, too!

Uncle Tony, Auntie Dawn & the gang