Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Houdini

It's amazing what a baby can learn to do! Megan is trying to figure out how to sit up by herself in her crib. Instead of rolling over and getting up on her knees, she wants to go from laying on her back to sitting. So to help herself out she grabs hold of her PJ's and tries to pull herself up. The first time we saw it, we laughed so hard, and then we realized how hard she was working with no rewards. Well the past couple of mornings we've gone in to get her and she's half undressed herself trying to pull up on her clothes. How on earth she got one leg out of her sleeper is beyond me... tonight it's getting cold so she's in a fuzzy zippered sleeper - We'll see how that works for her!

As for a tooth.... we'll she's still working on that one. You can see it and feel it but it's still under the skin. Every morning I try to peek in there to see if it's finally broken though (no small task belive me). Any day now..

Since separation anxiety has hit us... I made a little area in the kitchen for Megan. I got her some cute baby pots and utensils and she gets to be mommy's little helper. It's quite cute. Maybe one day she'll know how to handle that rolling pin (instead of hitting herself in the head, or chewing on it.)

If she's not happy being a little helper she still loves her exersaucer. She recently learned to hit a bubble to make the things inside "pop". She thinks that is very amusing. The only thing more amusing is when Daddy uses his foot to do it. Now that is fun!

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