Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fun Family Times

Imagine this... 3 families consisting of 6 adults and 4 children (one under a year) all needing to smile at the same time. I'm telling you, our photographer needed a raise today! And in the end, it was a fun memory even with the goofy grins. 3 generations ranging in ages from 71years -8 months. What a joy! To top off the fun adventure to the mall for pictures, Megan got to go on her first merry-go-round. Her cousins kept her laughing and smiling while Daddy held her on the horse and mommy tried to take some moving pictures (not my camera so you'll have to wait for those to be posted). So fun!

Afterwards we had some family time and started to think about decorating for Christmas. We've started all the discussions of what kinds of family traditions do we want to have with Megan. Our families gave us some wonderful holiday memories and we want to do the same for Megan. So we are working through how to celebrate Advent, setting limits for gift giving so that it doesn't become a free for all, do we celebrate with Santa (which by the way is the source of many of our fondest childhood memories), what "tree trimming" traditions do we want to establish. We figure this year is our test run because it's not like Megan will remember it... I'd love to hear from my friends out there - what memories and traditions mean the most to you!?!?!?


Whitlamy said...

Fun traditions for us outside of the usual...
1. We always went looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve and when we were real little, mom and dad would drive us by the radio tower and we'd shrill over Rudolf coming.
2. We always left the typical cookie plate, but on Christmas morning there were always "snow" hoof prints on our carpet. I guess Santa's dogs (I mean reindeer) got into mom's powder. We were always fascinated at how snow from the north pole could always make it inside our house.
3. We didn't do this, but a friend does...they only give 3 to represent each of the wiseman's gifts.
I'd love for you to share any other ideas you come up with as we're obviously in the same boat.

Tressa said...

My family always read the Christmas story aloud from Luke before going to sleep on Christmas Eve. It's one of the traditions we'll continue with Will.