Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Tooth - Let's talk teething!

I forgot to mention yesterday... we have our second tooth! This one has come in just one week after the first one finally poked through. Yippee! You would think that would mean we would get a little relief from all the teething troubles we've had - oh, no such luck! Today she's been acting like her little mouth is killing her - wanting to bite on anything and everything she can find. That doesn't sound too bad does it - oh wait did I mention the whimpering and little cries she's making at the same time. It's been a wild day.

But for all my mommy friends - let me tell you what has worked for us. Every child has his/her own comforts, so take it or leave it. First, I wish the teething tablets worked for us, but they just seem to irritate Megan even more. I think she hates the way the foam in her mouth. However, I have other friends who said those tablets were the only thing that got them through the teething. I did find 3 tricks that help us get through the rough times. 2 are linked so if you want to know more, click on the links to go see the item. But... shop around, you may find them on sale somewhere else (once you know what you are looking for).

1. Get a baby washcloth and tie it in a knot (so you have a little end poking out one side, a knot and then some to hang onto. Put it in cold water (or better yet pop it in the freezer for a little bit, frosty but not frozen) and let them chew on it.

2. JeJe Teether - heard about it from a friend then found it online. It is a vibrating teether. You push a button and it vibrates for 7 minutes then shuts itself off. The best thing is that you can replace the battery - some of the ones you can get at the local stores don't have that feature. For the little tykes, it's a bit heavy, but as you can see from the picture, that doesn't stop Megan. When she's too tired to pick it up or flip over, she just lays on it.

3. RaZbaby Teether - Thanks to Amy W for introducing me to this beautiful thing... It's shaped like a giant raspberry pacifier, but bumpy and perfect for teething. At first Megan wanted nothing to do with it - she thought I was giving her a new paci (which she has started to want again so that she can chew on them) and was irritated by it because she has to hold it in her mouth (too much trouble), then the next day she started to chew on it and now she loves it. We took it with us on our Thanksgiving trip and she chewed away. On the way home she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open, but she wasn't going to stop chewing.

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Whitlamy said...

So glad she likes the raspberry!! I got Bryce one of those taggie balls and he absolutely loves it. It's great to share ideas.