Monday, November 22, 2010

Why I LOVE Fall

The approach.... The leap....

The impact (look closely and you'll see parts of her peaking out of the leaves)....

The recovery...

That's why I love fall... it's just so much fun to be outside!

Nicole wasn't so sure about the leaves.

But this fall beauty loved being outside. We'd been talking about jumping in leaf piles for weeks - finally today Megan got her wish!

While Megan jumped to her hearts content - Nicole played in the playhouse. This was her first day to actually be in there. And I have to say - she loved it and it's inspired me to figure out how to make our outside play area a little more play friendly (which means, how to clean it up so it's not all muddy all the time).
Megan took advantage of the leaves and made a pile to slide into...

Sheer joy for a 3 year old!

And Nicole was all about being with her big sister. Nicole thinks that Megan is the best entertainment of all!
It's official! Nicole loves Fall too!!!!!

What about you.... do you love fall?
I know we'll love winter too.... espcially if there is some snow this year - but right now, we are really enjoying the great fall weather!

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