Sunday, November 14, 2010

Make A Joyful Noise

I would like to proudly present The Joyful Noise Choir: Really, there's not much sweeter than hearing 3 year olds singing songs about Jesus. And sometimes that "singing" may be a bit off key, a bit off the beat, and hey - perhaps a few creative liberties were given to the actual lyrics.... but it IS a joyful noise!

Our little choir sang during both the traditional and contemporary church services today and I must say they were well recieved! After the first service, Tom laughed and said - you and Susan (my fabulous partner in crime with these litte ones) looked lik you were having as much fun as they were.....

And those sweeties of ours were so stinking cute!!!!!

Megan loves singing with one of her BFF's - Mary Grace.

We really didn't know how today would go... would they sing? who would be crying? What "fun times" would await? We had a few "creative verses" sung, lots of yelling the words, some arm swinging, some hysterical facial expressions, one dart off stage and then return again, a few tears, lots of smiles and 9 adorable singers! All together we have 13 kids in the choir. We knew that 2 wouldn't be there. And we had 2 that experienced a bit of stage fright. But the other 9 we truely stars today!

I'm so proud of them... especially my little performer!

I'm working on getting some video up. Tonight blogger is not cooperating.

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Uncle Dan said...

Make a joyful noise, indeed!

Great job, Megan!

Uncle Dan is VERY proud of you!