Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May this be a day full of reflection... a time to count your blessings. This has been an awesome year and we will definitely take some time to reflect upon all the ways God has poured out his blessings to our household.

We are heading to AL to visit my extended family there - Nicole said she would help with the driving....
But I've been asking Megan - what she's thankful for (we have a little Thanksgiving tree and we write things we are thankful for on leaves and tape them to the branches)... that little cutie has come up with everything from "I'm so thankful for you!" to "I'm thankful I'm a big sister!" to "I'm so thankful for Cinderella's castle!!!!!" Here she is being thankful for her princess puzzle.
And although she may not have the words to tell me, here is Nicole being thankful for smoothies!
Speaking of little Nicole... she's been a bit grumpy lately and today I figured out why! She had 2 new teeth suddenly pop through (literally overnight), and another is right under the skin. Yeah - that would mean she's gotten 3 teeth in 2 weeks... that brings the total to 11 teeth in 12 months and 2 weeks. wow!

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