Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

A year ago, we were celebrating our newest arrival to our family... Your entrance into this world was a bit of an adventure. And, to be honest every day since has just been one more step down that road of adventure. You are so different from your sister - you two are both unique individuals - it's been a wild ride with the two of you... but as you get older and learn more about your mommy, you'll know I love wild rides..... your Daddy and I once road Space Mountain about 10 times back to back. But the wildest part of this ride as your parents is watching you grow from this.....

to this......

In just one short year. A wise woman once said to me, "the days are long but the years are short." Oh how true that is! I cherish this first year and I look forward to all those we have ahead of us (God willing!)!

Your big sister is SSSOOOOO excited that it's your birthday. She started the day out by smothering you with birthday kisses!

For a variety of reasons (Disney, business trips, people being sick, family in town, etc...) we just didn't get a birthday party put together. But the main reason, you are just not the social butterfly that your big sister is... and we thought you'd just cry being around all those folks. So we planned on having a family party in a few weeks when your MN grandparents are here. BUT.... Megan would have NONE of that. She was mortified at the thought of not having a party on your birthday. So we made some cupcakes for you and tonight we gather up some friends after Awana and we had a super fun impromptu birthday party! You were the perfect little birthday princess!!!!

Your surprise party was a big hit with you! Especially the yummy cupcakes that your sister helped to make (with much love!)
I was surprised that you didn't seem to mind the attention at all. All the folks at Jason's Deli seemed to think you were a super cute birthday girl too.
Even with that little cupcake, you managed to get icing in your ear, as well as your mouth.

And you thought the presents were fabulous. Megan assigned herself the job of "personal gift unwrapper" so that you wouldn't be bogged down with that responsibility.
You LOVED your first baby doll.....

And showered her with lots of kisses....

Thanks to our friends who helped make your first birthday so much fun. I know that as you grow, you will be so blessed by having them in your life!
And by the time we got home, got that icing out of your hair (and ears), you let us know in no uncertain terms....
Birthday's are exhausting!
Happy Birthday my sweetheart! We love you so much and are so blessed by you.

Tomorrow is Nicole's 1 year checkup - I'll post her stats then.

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hmferrero said...

Too cute! Happy birthday Nicole!