Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Voter

Nicole came and supported me at the polls this morning... I was a bit wishy washy on a few positions, but I think she steered me in the right direction.I think all the attention from the polling officials made her first voting experience a good one.

It's funny because Election Day is a day of memories for me.... Last year at this time I was waiting for Nicole to be born (her birthday is Sunday), and 4 years ago we found out that Megan was going to be a girl. I vividly remember being off work (schools are polling areas so school are out), and going out to vote, going to breakfast with Tom and then heading to the BIG 20 week ultrasound for baby 1. So for me, election day is more than just a day to vote... there will always be lots of memories to revisit as I cast my ballot.

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