Sunday, October 17, 2010

Us and "our" Shadow....

Ok - so officially, it's not "our" shadow...
But we like to claim him as our "non-pet, pet".... Thank you Natalie for letting us call him "ours" and being such a "good sharer" (as Megan says).

Natalie recently became a doggie mommy (once again, thanks to Megan for clarifying it all) to Shadow.

Shadow is a 11 week old puppy - sweet and so adorable. We wish he could be ours - but adding a puppy to this mix would've probably pushed me over the edge. But thankfully, Natalie lets the girls have visits and some ample "lovin time".
We appreciate being able to live vacariously through Natalie and Shadow! And Megan is always up for a dog sitting gig.... so bring it on Natalie!

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