Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Festival

This weekend we headed over to Megan's school/church for their fall festival. We had such a blast last year, I knew Nicole would love it too!Much fun was had in their pumpkin patch.... But oh, there was so much more! On the way over we picked up Megan's friend Elizabeth. Megan had been looking forward to a fun playdate with a friend. They had a great time on the train...
It looked like so much fun that even Nicole wanted to try it out!
So off we went around the car pool lane on the fun train!
While Megan was having "big girl" fun, Nicole had a great time playing in the grass...

Megan's favorite activity was the pony ride...

She and Elizabeth got to ride at the same time and they were having a blast.
Once again, Nicole was so taken with those "big dogs" (she did bark at them) that she got to sit on one...
Oh that sweet pumpkin..... she's enjoying the festivities of her first halloween.
She even pretended to be a scarecrow....
And when she wasn't being the scarecrow, she was holding onto the scarecrow.
But Megan was not one to be left out of the pretend play!
They had a cookie decorating area, which was a great break time for 2 little girls who were taken in all the fun fall festivities.

Nicole just zerberted at us when we informed her that she couldn't have a cookie.
Then the girls had to bounce off all that cookie energy!

And Nicole found a good spot to watch... she was having some GREAT conversations with those pumpkins!
What a big girl she is becoming!
After we exhausted all of our energy at the fall festival - we headed over to Chic-fil-a to refill (and get some more sugar). The girls seemed so tired, but somehow a playground just pumped them all back up... ok, the ice cream probably helped!

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Dawn said...

Oh, how fun! Did you make those adorable Halloween outfits for the girls? They're so sweet!

Can't wait to see you in less than a week! Love you!